“Now the situation is so unclear that we do not know what will happen next with any future deliveries”

Aslak Berge
Russian salmon farmers are completely dependent on smolt and feed from outside the country.

After Norway was thrown out of the Russian salmon market in August 2014, local fish farmers have built up and done their best to serve the demand in the country. The two leading players, Russian Aquaculture and Russian Salmon, operate fish farms in the fjords on the Kola Peninsula, in areas controlled by the Russian Northern Fleet.

“Skretting Norway delivers fish feed to salmon farmers in the Russian northern areas,” confirmed Leif Skjæveland, community contact at feed manufacturer Skretting, to SalmonBusiness.

“But now the situation is so unclear that we do not know what will happen next with any future deliveries for aquaculture in the Russian High North. So we are closely following the development in sanctions and the effects of them, he added.

Merder, owned by Russian Salmon, in the Pechengafjord on Kola. Photo: Google Earth

“We deeply regret the suffering and loss of human life as a result of the war in Ukraine. We have Nutreco colleagues in Ukraine and are working closely with them and their families to ensure their safety. That is our highest priority at the moment.”

“In addition, we focus on ensuring continuity in the wider supply chain. By doing so, we will work in full compliance with all international sanctions. We are ready to adapt our plans as needed in this changing environment and continuously assess the situation together with colleagues in the region,” Skjæveland continued.

Bakkafrost has chosen to stop selling salmon to Russia. Lerøy and Ice Seafood, which were among the few that exported to Belarus, have stopped there. What assessments are you making with a view to continuing to sell feed to Russia?

“It is difficult to answer further specific questions now about possible feed deliveries to aquaculture farmers in the Russian High North, as we do not know how the practical, financial and sanctional situation will be in the near future. So we following the situation closely and work in full accordance with all international sanctions, Skjæveland answered.

Photo: Russian Salmon

The production of fish feed is dominated by three major players: Skretting, Cargill and BioMar, in addition to Mowi, which produces its own feed.

Cargill has not yet responded to our inquiries in this case.

According to marketing manager Frode Moxness, BioMar does not supply feed to Russian producers.

“No, BioMar Norway does not,” he said.

Map: Google Earth

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