Now the world’s largest floating fish farm is actually afloat

Bjørn Rønningen, Hitra-Frøya

Last weekend, the “Ocean Farm 1”, transported by the cargo ship “Hua Hai Long” arrived at its destination and is now floating for the first time at Froan, Central Norway. 

The “Hua Hai Long” carried the giant rig from the yard in China to Norway, and arrived last Tuesday at Froan where the world’s largest floating fish farm will be anchored. “Hua Hai Long” lowered the rig into the sea as “Ocean Farm 1” was released from the freighter, according to Hitra-Frøya

The offshore supply boats “Far Sapphire”, “Far Sigma” and “Far Saber” are now in the area. The shipping company Solstad Farstad has been assigned the task of getting “Ocean Farm 1” into position and anchoring it.

In a few weeks, the latest equipment will be on board and tested.

CEO of SalMar, Trond Williksen, told a local newspaper last week it is now that the real work begins. SalMar has received development licenses to trial this new technology.

“The next year will be a pilot phase in which we will meet the requirements for development license and making the new technology operational,” Williksen said.



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