NRS approaches launch of first giant steel semi-submersible ocean rig salmon farm

Aslak Berge

First of Norway Royal Salmon’s (NRS) two new ocean rig salmon cages will soon be ready.

It’s hard to not notice it. Surrounded by massive construction cranes and occasional offshore installations, it is safely inside the shipyard area.

NRS’ new ocean rig salmon cages are being rolled out from the construction yard Aker Verdal. Here lies one of the two white-painted ocean rig salmon cages that the fish farming company has under construction.

NRS’ construction plans are on track.

“Yes, it looks okay. We originally planned to send out the first cage in early August, but wait a bit so that we can get the second one from Fosen to Verdal. Mostly about logistics on boats/barges and so on. There are many players where everything should fit,” executive vice president for business development at NRS Klaus Hatlebrekke told SalmonBusiness.

He is responsible for the innovative project.

“Now it’s mostly about putting on nets and finishing the electric. The second cage is only a few weeks away,” he added.

“Then we focus on nice and calm weather after the holiday for the first cage, and a little further into autumn for the second cage,” said the former equity analyst.

Weather exposed
The cages are designed to handle harsh weather-prone locations. The steel cages are designed to withstand a wave height of 13m. Each cage is 80m in diameter and 22m high.

PHOTO: Trine Forsland

In March 2018, authorities granted Royal Salmon (NRS) a total of 7.68 development licences (5,990 tonnes maximum allowed biomass) for the development of Arctic Offshore Farming. When completed, the giant salmon cages will be placed off the coast of Tromsø, Northern Norway.

The two cages will be able to hold a total of 1.2 million fish.


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