NRS culling 800,000 triploid fish after disease detection

Aslak Berge

Reduces expected harvest volume by 2,000 tonnes of salmon.

Norway Royal Salmon (NRS)’s aquaculture business has detected the disease Parvicapsulose, caused by the parasite Parvicapsula and has for welfare reasons chosen to cull all fish on the site Elva in Alta municipality.

The site has 0.8 million triploid fish with an average weight of 0.65 kilos, according to a report on Thursday morning.

The incident will have an impact on the result of the third quarter of 2022, and will reduce NRS’s expected harvest volume for 2022 by around 2,000 tonnes to 30,000 tonnes.

“NRS is continuing to work on mapping the consequences and we will return with more information in the reporting for the second quarter of 2022,” the report states.


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