Investigation into NRS share issue dropped

Aslak Berge

The new board was elected.

On Wednesday morning, an extraordinary general meeting was held in Norway Royal Salmon (NRS)’s business premises in Trondheim. 80.2 percent of the company’s voting shares were represented at the meeting.

The extraordinary general meeting went quickly, being completed in half an hour.

There were several items on the agenda that aroused particular interest:

Item 3: Election of a new board. Paal Espen Johnsen (Chairman of the Board), Bjørn Gabriel Reed, Sissel Gladsø, Kolbjørn Opsahl Selmer and Mariann Dønnum were elected to the board, according to the minutes of the extraordinary general meeting.

Item 4: The proposal that the general meeting instructs the board to enter into a supplementary agreement to the agreement with NTS on the purchase of the shares in SalmoNor, where the deadline is postponed to 15 December. The proposal was adopted.

Item 5: Proposal to instruct the board to consider other alternative structures to finance the cash settlement in the SalmoNor transaction, and to instruct the board not to carry out the issue until SalMar’s bid for NTS has been completed or lapsed. The proposal was adopted.

Item 6: Instructions that the board of NRS Farming shall consist of the same shareholder-elected board members as the board of NRS in the period up to and including 15 December. As a result of the decision in case 3, the main shareholder, NTS, withdrew the proposal.

Item 7: Proposal for investigation of the share issue process in NRS. As a result of the decision in case 3, the main shareholder, NTS, withdrew the proposal.

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The fish farming company NTS owns 68 percent of the shares in NRS.


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