NRS fears ISA at Norway sites

Aslak Berge

Norwegian Royal Salmon said Tuesday that 1.4 million fish of about 3 kilograms size are at risk of exposure to infectious salmon anemia, or ISA, at its north-Norwegian grow-outs.

The ISA virus is suspected at its Pollen and Lille Kvalfjord sites in Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost county. Both sites are exposed via operations to the Store Kvalfjord site in the company’s Region Nord area of operations.

NRS is informed that ISA is present at Store Kvalfjord and is awaiting confirmation via analysis from an outside contractor as to the extent of infection, if any, at Pollen and Lille Kvalfjord.

“NRS has begun extraction of fish from the operating area,” a note to shareholders read, adding that the extent and consequence of disease “are still difficult to estimate”.


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