NRS had to destroy almost three million smolts

Aslak Berge
Reduces the harvest volume for 2022 by almost 15,000 tonnes.

Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) expects a harvest volume in 2022 of 51,500 tonnes. During the presentation of the third quarter results on Tuesday morning, it was explained that incidents at an external smolt supplier have meant that the company had to destroy smolt. The destruction of smolts has reduced this year’s release and will have a negative impact on harvest volume in 2022.

“There are almost three million fish, so you can calculate what it would have been in slaughter volume,” said Acting CEO Klaus Hatlebrekke to TDN Direkt.

Given a smolt yield of five kilos, this means up to 15,000 tonnes.

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Towed to NRS’s location Felleholmen. Photo: NRS.

On Wednesday, the last of the company’s two offshore cages will be transported out with a tugboat, and most of the investments have been made at the new hatchery.

“Our two major growth projects are beginning to come to an end, so most of the investment costs have been taken. The investment level will be completely different next year,” said Hatlebrekke.

The market outlook is described with a degree of optimism, as Kontali Analysis expects negative supply growth globally in the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year.

“We experience demand as strong, and in fact it has become stronger throughout the quarter. We have good faith that the next period will also be good,” said Hatlebrekke from Sunnfjord.

The NRS share price fell 2.3 per cent on Tuesday morning.


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