NRS increased harvesting and profits in Q3

press release

Trondheim-based Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) reports an operational EBIT of NOK 192 (€20.3m) for the third quarter 2017 and EBIT per kg of NOK 19.29 (€2.04). 

– NRS has today presented the second highest operating EBIT in a third quarter. The biomass in the sea has increased through the quarter and is 43% higher compared to the end of the same quarter last year, said CEO Charles Høstlund.

The result before tax and fair value adjustments for the third quarter was NOK 276m (€29.3m).

NRS harvested its highest volume in a quarter of 10 454 tonnes of salmon (gutted weight), which is 39 per cent higher than in the same quarter last year.

Estimated harvest volume is 32 500 tonnes for 2017 and 43 000 tonnes for 2018, an increase of 32 per cent from 2017. 11.5 million smolts are planned released in 2017. The sales business sold 22 296 tonnes salmon during the quarter, an increase of 26 per cent from the corresponding quarter last year. This is the highest sold volume for a quarter in the history of NRS.

– NRS has a strong focus on growth and utilization of our production capacity and expects as good as full utilisation of the Group’s MAB in the fourth quarter, said Charles Høstlund.



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