NRS salmon pen with capacity for 1.2 million fish now in place

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Each 3,000 tonne pen has capacity of 1.2 million salmon.

Cage A of Arctic Offshore Farming, Norway Royal Salmon’s ocean farm project has been launched and is now in place at a site just north of Tromsø, Northern Norway.

Eventually, another of the special cages, designed to handle particularly exposed locations, will be added to the site. The facility was designed by rig experts from Aker Solutions.

Each cage weighs 3,000 tonnes.

“Through innovation and a willingness to invest in the exposed areas in northern Norway, we have developed the next step for salmon farming. This will enable the use of more weather-exposed locations than is possible with current technology,” said Executive Vice President Klaus Hatlebrekke in NRS to Nordlys.

The steel cages are made to withstand waves of unto 13 meters high. Each cage is 80 meters in diameter and 22 meters high. When the second cage is in place, they will be able to hold a total of 1.2 million fish.

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Towed to NRS’s location Felleholmen. PHOTO: NRS

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