NTS secures 70.6 per cent ownership in NRS

Aslak Berge

Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) has now become a subsidiary of NTS.

It was a dramatic last day of the bidding in the acquisition battle for NRS. In the twelfth hour, NTS secured two important share blocks, from Egil Kristoffersen & Sønner and Norway Fresh, respectively, for a total of 20.8 per cent of NRS outstanding shares.

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As NTS then passed 50 per cent ownership, which was SalMar’s condition for bidding NOK 270 per share, the share price in NRS collapsed – to NOK 226.50.

Now the acceptances have been counted.

“At the end of the offer period, NTS had received acceptances for a total of 14,409,528 shares, corresponding to 33.1 per cent of the outstanding shares in voting rights in NRS and purchased 200,000 shares in the market in addition to what has been announced previously. NTS already owns 16,133,662 shares in NRS, and after the completion of the offer will have a holding of a total of 30,743,190 shares in NRS, which constitutes 70.6 per cent of the total share capital and voting rights in NRS,” wrote NTS in a stock exchange announcement on Thursday evening.

The largest owner in NTS, with 39 per cent ownership, is the fish farming veteran Helge Gåsø.


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