Nutreco shuffles deck, appoints Skretting UK CEO

Ole Alexander Saue

Globally, the past year has seen many changes at feed company Skretting. The latest is that Erlend Sodal now has widened responsibility and takes over Skretting UK and Australia, in addition to Norway.

“Yes, this is a change of course. (Owner) Nutreco wants to let Skretting rein in its portfolio. They want Skretting to concentrate on the feed market and to strengthen its position in it. A number of positions in The Netherlands have been moved to Norway,” head of communications, Leif Kjetil Skjaeveland, told SalmonBusiness.

Head of business development, David Lausten Knudsen

A week ago, you might have read that Charlie Granfelt had gotten the job as chief exec for the company’s France unit. In November, Therese Log Bergjord became head of Skretting Global, after Steven Rafferty left the position in the spring.

David Lausten Knudsen, too, left his job as marketing director for the newly created spot as director of business development. Mads Martinsen got Knudsen’s old job as marketing director.

Norway focus: Leif kjetil skjæveland, Skretting head of communications, Norway

“This is really positive for us. Nutreco is counting on us even more. The center of gravity for Skretting globally has moved to Norway,” Skjaeveland said, adding, “Our foreign owners are betting on us, because their knowhow in Norway has been additionally strengthened. Now, as Erlend takes the reins in the U.K. and Australia, consolidation in the salmon market is even stronger. A lot is happening.”


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