Ocean Beauty Seafood to supply Nomad Foods-owned Findus brand in US

editorial staff

Ocean Beauty Seafoods has signed an agreement with Nomad Foods to distribute the frozen food brand Findus in the US.

Alaska-based Ocean Beauty will market the Findus brand through its US distribution network and will supply foodservice channels in the second quarter, according to a press release.

Retailers are due to come on board in August.

Harald Guimaraes, the export director for UK-based Nomad Foods, said: “The expansion of Findus into the United States marks an exciting new chapter for this storied global frozen food brand. We look forward to working in close partnership with Ocean Beauty, which is uniquely aligned with us in our desire to lead the industry in quality, sustainability and innovation.”

Ocean Beauty will distribute Findus seafood products such as frozen fish portions, breaded and value-added seafood, and cod loins. The brand will be supplied by the company’s units in Seattle, Portland, Astoria, Boise, Dallas, Salt Lake City and Helena.

Nomad’s Birds Eye brand already sells frozen wild salmon in the U.S. market. Findus is owned by U.K.-based Nomad Foods, Europe’s largest frozen foods producer.

Vice president of domestic sales for Ocean Beauty said: “We are very excited about building Findus’ footprint in the United States. The Findus product line is a great complement to the seafood line we have built at Ocean Beauty and Findus’ commitment to quality and sustainability is also in line with Ocean Beauty values.”

Ocean Beauty is one of the largest seafood processors in the United States. The company has five shoreside plants in Alaska, value-added processing in Washington State, seven distribution facilities in the western U.S. Last year, it launched a new product line called Echo Falls with ranges from Wild Alaska sockeye salmon as well as Scottish and Norwegian-sourced farmed Atlantic Salmon


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