Ocean Beauty sells processing plant, but is not disclosing who bought it and for how much

Major player in the U.S. seafood market accepts reduced offer.

The Ocean Beauty Seafoods processing plant and bunk house in Petersburg was put up for sale in USD 3.4M in November 2018. The company is the number one producer of wild-caught canned and smoked salmon, and a major producer of fresh and frozen salmon.

It was believed back in January that Ocean Beauty Seafoods would have keep its salmon cannery but low pink salmon harvest forecasts and a trend towards fresh salmon were blamed for the decision to close the facility.

According to kfsk, it has now accepted an offer but Ocean Beauty Seafoods is not identifying the buyer or the timeline for completing the sale.

The price was reduced to USD 2.4 million in autumn.

The site was originally a steamship dock dating back to the early 1900s. The cannery, one of only two in the community, has not operated since 2016.


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