Oceanize and Healix Group form strategic alliance

Editorial Staff

This collaboration covers the entirety of Europe, significantly expanding the market for recycled plastic derived from Norwegian marine industries.

Norwegian recycling company Oceanize has entered into a strategic partnership with Dutch clean tech scale up Healix Group to recycle ropes from aquaculture and fisheries, marking a new step in the fight against plastic pollution in the sea.

Under the agreement, Oceanize will act as a contract manufacturer for Healix, producing certified circular plastic Healix XPP-MR from ropes sourced from the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture sector.

The production process adheres to strict quality and purification standards, ensuring that the finished plastic granulate can be reintroduced into various industries, including packaging and automotive sectors in Europe. This initiative expands Oceanize’s closed-loop system for maritime plastics across Europe.

“The strategic partnership with Healix marks an exciting step towards our common goal of a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Together, we can help the aquaculture and fishing industry to further reduce their footprint by recycling more and better,” said Johan Saugestad, Managing Director of Oceanize, in a press release.

The agreement also commits both companies to reducing their carbon footprint and decreasing global reliance on virgin plastic. Healix will transfer its certified plastic processing system to Oceanize, which will then produce recycled material from maritime rope. Oceanize will have exclusive market rights for Healix XPP-MR in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, while Healix will cover the rest of Europe.

“The collaboration agreement with Oceanize is a very significant moment in our quest to create a sustainable future for plastic fiber waste. By combining our technologies and expertise, we strengthen our influence to keep plastic in the economy but out of our oceans,” said Marcel Alberts, CEO of Healix Group.


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