Omega-3 oil can improve salmon quality – study

The studies showed it can boost fillet cooler and quality.

Research into including omega-3 oil in farmed Atlantic salmon feeds has showed that increased rates of it reduced melanosis and improved the quality of the fish.

The study, released in Science Direct, tested Aquaterra omega-3 oil on salmon reared in seawater tanks, ranging in size from 465 grams to 1.5 kilograms. From the findings, researchers concluded that increasing Aquaterra in the diet of the salmon improved their quality, including muscle and skin colour, when compared with a control diet.

A second study backed up these results, conducting a test in a full seawater life cycle feeding trial until Salmo reached a harvest weight of 4.7 kilograms. The research showed the initial findings were consistent over long-term feeding in environments similar to those in commercial operations.

“Salmon consumers buy with their eyes. Aquaterra® Advanced omega-3 oil supports improved fillet color and reduced melanosis, indicators of quality to seafood buyers. We developed Aquaterra® to provide a new source of omega-3 oil, yet study after study illustrates that our unique oil profile is more than a marine oil complement—it is a true advancement in aquafeed nutrition,” said Benita Boettner, Nussed’s nutritional general manager.

Aquaterra was developed as the world’s first land-based source of long chain omega-3 oils, in collaboration with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and the Grains Research and Development Corporation.


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