One of the worlds largest feeding barges is on its way to the Faroe Islands

Katrina Poulsen

At the moment an 84-meter long feeding barge is sailing past the Norwegian coast from Poland to reach its final destination at the Faroe Islands.

The feeding barge has been rebuilt the last seven months in Poland by equipment supplier JT Electric. The barge is able to feed unmanned and controlled remotely.

“It is a barge, that is capable off being in rough waters. Which we have here around the Faroe Islands. In this way, the barge can feed the salmon automatically with all the newest equipment, without any manpower present,” said Suni Justinussen, CEO of JT Electric to SalmonBusiness.

The feeding barge has a capacity of 900 tonnes of feed and is a rebuilt-and designed ship with underwater cameras and equipment to operate offshore.

Suni Justinussen does not wish to inform, who the buyer of the big boat is.

SalmonBusiness has been in contact with the Faroe salmon farmer Bakkafrost, who confirms they have a feeding barge on the way. Bakkafrost does not wish to comment if it is the same feeding barge as mentioned in this article.

To move the boat from the porter in Poland there were three tug boats present to help with the operation.

The feeding barge before take off in Poland. Photo: Suni Justinussen

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