Only minor price movements for next week

Around EUR 7/kg on average is paid to the fish farmers.

“The volume is increasing, especially at 3-5 kg,” says a buyer to SalmonBusiness. He sees a slight weakening in the price for the coming week. “A small decrease at 2-4, maybe 4-5 goes down in the end of the week, while 5+ remains fairly stable,” he says.[factbox]

This means a rather stable price for farmers – around EUR 7 for 4-5 kg salmon – for the third week in a row.

“Yes, we bought at NOK 70-71 (EUR 7.0-7.1) last Friday,” he says. “In a weighted average, the price probably goes down a bit. It is summer now with an average weight of around four kilos, so it will be like this. Otherwise, Poland is closed (in ten days), and that affects purchases towards the end of the week.”

He emphasizes that there will not be any major price movements in the coming week.

Other market players see a certain rise in spot prices:

“Is slightly up, 70/72/74,” writes an exporter in an SMS, with reference to the most sold weight classes 3-6 kilos.

A fish farmer tells SalmonBusiness that he has sold seven trucks so far today. He has locked these at NOK 68.50 (EUR 6.9) for 3-4, NOK 72 (EUR 7.2) for 4-5, NOK 74 (EUR 7.4) for 5-6 and NOK 78 (EUR 7.8) for 6+ kg.

Holiday atmosphere
Others try to shop at lower prices:

“We try NOK 66 (EUR 6.6), 68 (EUR 6.8), 70 (EUR 7.0) – and 75 (EUR 7.5) for 6+. Some claim higher and some claim lower prices. There is pressure on 2-3 and 3-4 kg. There is a holiday atmosphere, and then there is a public holiday on the 15th (August) in Catholic countries. It will affect the price towards the end of the week,” says an exporter.

“We will not pay prices up to NOK 70 (for 4-5 kg). You will not get the money back. Then we would rather refrain from buying,” he says firmly.


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