“Only” U.S. procurement trend is salmon

Salmon Business

Ordering supplies of farmed salmon may be the only developing food trend in the United States that’s verifiable, judging by “procurement analysis” by U.S. app developer BlueCart.

Though not yet a procurement managers index of renown, BlueCart’s supply-chain orders app is used by American restaurants to order food from wholesale suppliers. In its Analysis of Procurement Trends 2017, the software company from San Francisco said it had uncovered “possible emerging trends” that include “farmed salmon demand increasing while alternative cuts of chicken are decreasing in popularity”, according to its fledgling report, “The most popular purchasing trends in the hospitality industry”.

“Salmon products have been one of the top sold products on BlueCart’s “Top Deals”, a feature where suppliers can push any item they want for a special price,” the report said, adding, “Fresh salmon and oyster demand is on the rise and will continue to trend through 2018.” A seafood source quoted in the report said “farmed salmon and farmed shrimp are the two most popular seafoods in America.”

BlueCart says it is “the only mobile procurement app on the market in which restaurants and bars are directly connected with their exclusive network of suppliers”. The data obtained from its user community of 37,000 businesses offers insight into “where the food sector could be migrating in terms of demand”.

Its procurement app, BlueCart, gathered purchasing data across the food and beverage industry over three years to identify potential market trends, risks, and opportunities.


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