OptoScale lands underwater camera contract with Grieg in Canada

editorial staff

Grieg Seafood BC has entered into an agreement with OptoScale for the delivery of nine camera sensors for use in the fish farming company’s facilities at Vancouver Island.

The cameras provide real-time insight and data on the performance and growth of salmon biomass.

“We started trialing the cameras at one of our farms this past summer, and have been pleased with the real-time data the system provides, which in turn, has allowed for better decision making by our farmers in regard to feeding, harvest schedules and biomass estimation,” said Rocky Boschman, Managing Director for Grieg Seafood to McColl Magazine.

“By allowing us to measure the actual size of the fish to a 98 per cent accuracy, we can now use that information to determine if we are over or underfeeding our fish – something we had previously only been able to calculate after the entire pen had been harvested. This is important as overfeeding can have environmental impacts, but also effects our sustainability targets as the production of feed is one of the largest contributors to our overall carbon footprint. By feeding more efficiently, we will help to reduce accidental overfeeding, lower our carbon footprint and help to support the growth and performance of our fish.”

Of the nine cameras purchased, two of them have had the Welfare Module enabled, alongside the standard Biomass Module, which is used to determine the weight of the fish. The Welfare Module allows for the identification and monitoring of wounds, maturation, fin damage, and scale-loss on individual fish within the system.

“We are excited to be working with Grieg Seafood BC, and look forward to helping them achieve improved sustainability, high feed conversations ratios – commonly known as FCRs, and supporting the overall improved health, performance and welfare of the fish,” said Sven Kolstø, CEO of OptoScale.


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