OptoScale launches remote, real-time fish health monitoring module

editorial staff

After five years of development and the operation of biomass measurement hardware and software, tech company OptoScale has released a software module that allows remote monitoring and analysis of fish welfare in real time without manual handling.

Using machine learning, up to 200,000 fish are analysed each week to monitor the development of important health factors such as wounds, sexual maturation, fine injuries, deformities, and more.

This type of monitoring enables customers to gain a continuous insight into the development of important welfare indicators without manual handling of the fish and in this way can take the right measures at the right time to ensure the best possible welfare.

“This is a proud moment for me,” said OptoScale CEO Sven Kolstø in a press release. The company can measure biomass in the cage and has developed a technology based on structured light.

“Fish health is a hot topic, and we experience very strong interest from our customers when it comes to tools that enable them to make better decisions to improve the fish welfare,” said Kolstø, adding that 2020 is already “a fantastic year” for the company.

The system is already in operation with the first customer and the company’s existing customers will be offered the solution continuously. The module, called OptoScale Welfare, is integrated into the customer’s existing solution for biomass analysis, or purchased as a single module.

According to the company’s software development plan, the next step will be an analysis tool for automatic lice counting. When this product is launched, OptoScale will offer a complete solution for the analysis of biomass, fish health and lice based on one measuring tool.


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