Ordering boom pushes Amazon to hire 75,000 more people

editorial staff

A month ago it created 100,000 new roles.

In a press release, US e-commerce giant Amazon writes that it has created thousands of more jobs in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

At the end of March, the company hired 100,000 new warehouse and delivery staff now topped up with another 75,000, according to a statement on Monday.

Amazon’s share price was up about six per cent on Wall Street on Monday in light of a major shift in shopping habits.

The company said it was also increasing capacity for grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market as quickly as possible, to meet the huge demand of Amazon Prime customers in lockdown.

Whole Foods and Amazon together control 4% of the grocery market, according to an estimate from Cowen, reported in Mercury News.

In 2018, Whole Foods named the Norway-based organic salmon farmers Kvaroy Fiskeoppdrett as one of its favoured suppliers along with farmed and wild salmon US importer Blue Circle Foods. The salmon are fed a BioMar feed called “In the Blue” which is made with microalgae and cleaned fish trimmings and oil.


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