Organic Sea Harvest gets nod for 5,000t of Skye


Organic Sea Harvest has had its two farms proposed for Isle of Skye salmon farms approved by the Highland Council, and the company is now free to make far-reaching planning decisions.

“I and my colleagues have absolutely no intention of farming other than organically or have any intentions of selling the business,” Organic’s managing director, Alex MacInnes, was quoted by The Guardian as saying.

SalmonBusiness put in a call after receiving an email from Mr. MacInnes, but to no avail.

MacInnes told concerned citizens that the vision was not to wreck the environment but to build a sustainable business that would be handed over “to the next generation.”

Two weeks ago, SalmonBusiness reported that the two fish farms of 12 pens each would grow in all about 5,000 tonnes. The sites at Culnacnoc and Invertote are envisioned producing Skye Organic, a nod to their environment, feed type and type of operation planned.



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