Origins test has Chilean salmon meal “100% covered”

William Stoichevski

Chilean salmon producer Pesquera la Portada is the latest Chilean producer of fish meal from farmed salmon to “qualify” for an “authenticity certification program” offered by Norwegian lab, ORIVO, in coastal town Molde.

“Chile is the first country where all salmon meal producers are enrolled in this independent third-party authenticity testing program,” said a statement from Orivo, which is understood to be a three-man outfit that notched its third-straight pre-tax loss in 2016.

ORIVO has now certified about three-quarters of all salmon meal used for pet food worldwide as having “authentic marine ingredients” like Omega 3 concentrates. However, the prospect of certification hasn’t helped at least one Eastern Canadian outfit establish its own high-tech salmon meal plant, as authorities have balked, and SalmonBusiness aims to have that story in the days to come.

Salmon meal made from farmed-salmon cuttings is used in the preparation of some pet food, and ORIVO, or the lab it’s using, is said to test ingredients to be sure they come from salmon and still contain essential oils and vitamins. According to ORIVO, “several new production facilities are being built around Europe with the sole purpose of supplying salmon meal to the pet food industry”.

“We expect that more salmon meal producers will join the program shortly,” said ORIVO CEO, Svein Erik Haugmo in a statement.

The basis for the certification is a lab test which makes it possible to verify species and geographic origin of the analysed salmon meal ingredient samples. Testing is said to be based on proven NMR- and DNA-technologies combined with strong database and analysis algorithms.

“ORIVO is able to verify marine species and region of origin via quality assured sampling protocols.”


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