Orivo certification for Chilean producer Golden Omega

Press release

Chilean Omega-3 concentrate producer Golden Omega has successfully obtained certification from independent Norwegian tester Orivo.

Through independent third-party testing by Norwegian certifier Orivo, all the raw material involved in Golden Omega´s production has been verified as pure anchovy from the South Pacific Ocean and will be continuously verified through raw material monitoring.

By means of an on-site factory audit combined with thorough sample collection and testing of Golden Omega´s fish oil ingredients, an extensive certification program has been established. The certification involves both surveying trade documents, mass balance calculations and actual ingredient testing.

Valuable tool

Golden Omega is the first producer to start using the authenticity test for concentrated omega-3 ingredients, says Commercial Director of Golden Omega, Claudio Aracena:

“We were able to certify through a 3rd party test that our products are based on authentic anchovy oil from the South Pacific Ocean. We see this as a very useful opportunity to offer all our clients full transparency about the marine resource that is being used in all our concentrates. The feedback so far from our customers is also that this certification will be very valuable and reassuring for them and the consumers of their products.”

Development project

The certification is the first of its kind in Olivo’s portfolio. In addition, Orivo and Golden Omega have recently launched a major development project, which aims to further strengthen the traceability for Golden Omega´s products into consumer-ready omega-3 concentrates, explains Orivo’s CEO Svein Erik Haugmo.

“The aim is to confirm that a finished product consisting of pure Golden Omega concentrates matches the chemical fingerprint of oil collected directly from Golden Omega’s production in Chile. In the longer run, 2-3 years from now, we will be able to authenticity-test any concentrate product.”

Haugmo considers the agreement with Golden Omega a major milestone for his company. “As concentrated omega-3 represents over 40 percent of the market for human omega-3 supplements, we have had this segment on our development list all the way since our start-up in 2014. To have Golden Omega on board as our first client from this segment is especially satisfying, as they are very committed to sourcing raw oils from a single-species fishery for their full portfolio of omega 3 concentrates.”

Salmon meal

Golden Omega is a Chilean Company focused on producing high-quality Omega 3 concentrates from sources that are verified as pure anchovy from the South Pacific. Golden Omega’s production facilities are located in northern Chile, in the middle of the largest anchovy fishery in the world.

Norwegian certifier Orivo, based in Molde, provides laboratory services for testing the authenticity of marine ingredients, both oil and meal. The testing technology, initially developed by the Norwegian research organization SINTEF, is based on proven NMR analysis combined with a strong database and statistical algorithms. Orivo is able to verify marine species and region of origin via quality assured sampling protocols. Orivo serves the global markets independent 3rd party verification to meet the consumer demand for non-adulterated and sustainable marine ingredients. The Orivo technology and certification are already in use for natural marine ingredients such as omega-3 oils and salmon meal. The tests are able to actually verify finished products and trace them back to marine species and geographic origin.


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