Over 120,000 salmon escape from Salmones Camanchaca site, confirm authorities

editorial staff

Fish weighed 500g.

Chilean fisheries and aquaculture authority Sernapesca has confirmed the escape of more than 120,000 at a Salmones Camanchaca site.

On August 27, the farm in Calbuco, Los Lagos, Southern Chile, lost an estimated 124,309 fish which each weighed 500g.

Sernapesca said that it asked Salmones Camanchaca to check the status of cage structures and nets through using underwater robot ROVS and cameras to determine the exact number of fish that had escaped.

It is the second major escape/loss for the salmon farmer. In July, 387,837 fish died and 38,316 salmon escaped because of floods.

SalmonBusiness reported that Salmones Camanchaca took a severe Covid-19 beating in Q2 – with a negative Operational EBIT of USD 9.4 million.


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