Pacific Seafood has second largest workplace virus outbreak in the state of Oregon to date

editorial staff

124 workers at Pacific Seafood’s Newport operation have tested positive for COVID-19. 

In the end of May, it was reported that the Oregon, US-based, Pacific Seafood had to temporary lay off 20 per cent of its workforce, 500 out of 2500.

The company, which is one of the US’ largest seafood companies, processes a wide assortment of species including its own wild and farmed salmon range

Newport News reported that Lincoln County Public Health announced Thursday, June 4, that an investigation had begun into an outbreak at Pacific Seafood after five employees in its Newport processing plants tested positive for COVID-19.

But on Sunday Pacific Seafood disclosed that 124 of its employees and local contractors have now tested positive for what is the second largest workplace outbreak of the virus in the state to date.

The company issued a statement saying it it has temporarily suspended operations and has provided testing for 376 workers at its five Newport facilities.

In March, it lost 90 per cent of all its business due to the closure of restaurants and hotels. President and CEO Frank Dulcich said at the time that he expected 40 per cent of all US restaurants to close for good.


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