Pamela Anderson protested against Cermaq

Pamela Anderson and Sea Shepherd took action against the Mitsubishi-owned fish farming company.

The protest, which took place on Sunday, was against Cermaq’s Venture Point farming site in the Okiolo Canal in British Columbia, on the Canadian west coast, according to Sea Shepherd.

Pamela Anderson. Photo: Sea Shepherd

Canadian Playboy model and actress Pamela Anderson has been part of the board of directors of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society since 2015, which is behind the action. She has also been a close friend of Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson for a long time, writes E24.

She was scheduled to board the research vessel “Martin Sheen” to sail around the Cermaq site during the protest on Sunday.

Cermaq’s fish farming site is certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Coucil (ASC) for responsible fish farming, which is considered to be among the highest standards for international certification.


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