PanLogica joins ScaleAQ

press release

Tasmanian company PanLogica becomes part of ScaleAQ.

Since 2005 PanLogica has delivered optimization software Neptune for fish farmers around the world. More than 25 per cent of the worlds farmed salmon is produced by companies using Neptune.

Now the company joins ScaleAQ, which is a merger of equipment vendors Aqualine, AquaOptima and Steinsvik.

“With PanLogica we are able to offer our customers the best and most proven optimizing tool for fish farming. The Neptune software is fully integrated in our Mercatus platform, providing a seamless user experience, and it is also possible to run optimization on top of other production software. Our aim is to provide simplicity, openness and insights to our customers,” said Jørn Torsvik, VP Digital, Scale Aquaculture.

“PanLogica is delighted to be joining the ScaleAQ team to scale our innovative optimization solution, Neptune, across the aquaculture industry,” said Dr. David Wright, CEO of PanLogica.

“Neptune unlocks efficiency, sustainability and profitability by finding the best plan for every customer and is the first system that can scale across the value chain to find the true optimum. Because of this we are able to ensure the very best outcome for the growth of our customers,” added Wright.