Part of “Seikongen” wellboat successfully raised from under sea

Stian Olsen

Everything went according to plan on first day of the salvage operation.

After some nervous morning hours, it is confirmed by various media in Chile that part of the “Seikongen” had been raised successfully. In the next few days, work will continue to get the entire wellboat floating before it is towed to Talcahuano – an inland port city located about 500 kilometers south of the capital Santiago.

The “Seikongen” sank outside the village of Chonchi, just south of Castro on Isla Chiloé in southern Chile, on the 18th October last year.

PHOTO- Armada de Chile

Up to 100 people were involved in the operation on Thursday, including 60 people from the Chilean navy who monitored the process.

The work is led by the salvage firm specialists Ardent CPT and Servicios Marítimos on behalf of the owner of the wellboat, CPT Empresas Maritimas.

In addition, a number of boats and a helicopter have been involved, as well as representatives from the Sernapesca (Chilean Directorate of Fisheries) as well as health and police authorities Soy Chile wrote.

The work was completed around 14:00 local time Thursday.