PatoGen expands in Scotland

editorial staff

Oban lab will be operational during the summer of 2021.

In a press release, the health analyst and consultancy PatoGen writes that it is expanding in the UK and establishing a laboratory for its preventive and diagnostic services in Oban, Scotland.

PatoGen has been working in Scotland since 2014 and established its office on the SAMS campus in Oban in August 2018.

“Since PatoGen entered the Scottish market, we have worked well with the fish farming companies with a steady increase in activity. The fish farming companies in Scotland have welcomed our services and have developed their use further and made it part of the industry’s daily routines,” the company wrote.

Dr. Teresa Garzon. PHOTO: AquaGen

“It is this good cooperation, and the proactive salmon farmers’ focus on maintaining good fish health and welfare, that allows us to commit to this next step in PatoGen’s establishment in Scotland,” said UK customer advisor Dr Teresa Garzon.

“The laboratory in Scotland will be set up to support the aquaculture industry in the UK and will offer services with the same quality that we offer in Norway,” said CEO PatoGen Jørn Ulheim.

The laboratory in Oban will be operational during the summer of 2021.


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