PD outbreak suspected for Mowi-backed farmer

Editorial Staff
Mowi-backed salmon producer Nova Sea has reported a suspected outbreak of Pancreatic Disease (PD) at its facility in Vega municipality in Nordland, Norway.
The suspicion, announced on November 29 following positive PD virus results from the company’s own analysis, has led to immediate precautionary measures.

In response, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has stepped in to confirm the disease’s presence. They are sending samples from Nova Sea’s facility to the Veterinary Institute for thorough analysis. Geir Arne Ystmark, the regional director for the authority’s northern region, has indicated that if PD is indeed confirmed, they will promptly move to cull the affected fish, given the site’s critical location within a PD combat zone.

Further, the authority is contemplating whether to expand the current restricted zone, taking into account factors like the number of nearby farming sites and geographic considerations. Typically, such a zone would cover about a 30-kilometer radius from any location where PD is confirmed.

The authority has also issued a reminder to nearby salmon farming facilities. Those within a 30-kilometer radius of a confirmed PD case are now required to carry out comprehensive sampling within the next seven days.

PD in salmon is a serious viral illness that significantly compromises the fish’s health and well-being, leading to symptoms like loss of appetite, stunted growth, high mortality rates, and vulnerability to other diseases. Though PD doesn’t pose a risk to humans, controlling its spread is vital to protect other salmon farms.

This autumn season has seen a noticeable uptick in PD cases across Nordland, with previous instances reported at sites 45003 Ystøya, 10447 Mefaldskjæret, and 31857 Blomsøråsa earlier in the year.


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