Pelagia snaps up salmon waste handler; targets international expansion

Editorial Staff

Pelagia’s is owned by Austevoll Seafood, the principal owner of salmon farming company Lerøy, and the Witzøe family that oversees SalMar.

Seafood industry byproduct specialist Pelagia has acquired a majority stake in Blue Ocean Technology (BOT), a firm specializing in aquaculture waste processing.

BOT develops technologies for dewatering and drying sludge. Pelagia is Norway’s leading producer of omega-3 concentrates and operates a fleet of vessels for collecting by-products from the salmon industry.

The acquisition provides BOT with capital and expertise from Pelagia, aiming to expand sustainable practices in sludge utilization. BOT plans to broaden its product offerings, including sludge collection systems and pyrolysis-based downstream processes.

Arve Janbu Fresvik, Chairman of BOT, and Egil Magne Haugstad, CEO of Pelagia, have indicated that the partnership will focus on comprehensive sludge management solutions. This strategy is expected to have international applications beyond the Norwegian market.

Pelagia produces pelagic fish products for human consumption and supplies ingredients for fish and animal feed, including protein concentrate, fish meal, and fish oil. The company is also a producer of marine-based omega-3 fatty acids for supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Pelagia operates branches in Norway, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and Ukraine, and owns vessels and tankers for logistics and emergency response in aquaculture. Pelagia’s ownership is equally divided between Austevoll Seafood, the principal owner of salmon farming company Lerøy, and Kvefi, under the majority control of Kverva Industries, the holding entity for the Witzøe family that oversees SalMar, the world’s second-largest salmon farming operation.


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