Petuna Aquaculture eye up new salmon base in Tasmania

The Port of Stanley in north-east Tasmania, Australia, is being considered as a land base expansion for a salmon farm.

Petuna Aquaculture and TasPorts (a state-owned company responsible for Tasmanian ports) have announced a joint assessment of the site as reported in ABS news.

The new site in north east Tasmania. Salmon farmers in the area urgently need new farms to meet demand.

Petuna, Huon Aquaculture and Tassal have leases in Tasmania’s west coast waterway but it’s not capable of supporting the volume of salmon that the industry hoped it would three years ago.

Petuna relies on Macquarie Harbour to generate the majority of its income which is why it’s looking for new sites.

The run down former tourist site (partly closed to the public) covers the coast from Rocky Cape, east of Stanley, to the state’s westernmost tip at Cape Grim.


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