Pink Fish restaurant to open Singapore branch in 2019


Norway’s sustainable salmon-based answer to KFC is heading east.

The Pink Fish chain has four branches in Norway, and a further three under construction and planning. They recently reported that they will open at Stavanger Airport Sola.

Bocouse d’or winner chef Geir Skeie owns a third of Pink Fish together with the investor duo Ronny Gjøse and Egil Sandvik.

Now the three entrepreneurs are heading outside of their native Norway to open their first restaurant abroad. The new branch will be in Singapore’s “Jewel” Changi Airport scheduled to open in 2019, reported the news site,

The Jewel is a destination in its own right PHOTO

Jewel Changi Airport is a US$1.3 billion spectacular made up of 101 hectares of prime real estate at the city’s Marina Bay district. It includes two large glass conservatories, heritage gardens, man-made lakes and “Instagram-friendly Supertrees.”

It will link three of the four terminals of the airport. Inside there will be an indoor waterfall, a large garden with paths, shops, playgrounds and restaurants.

“There will be Michelin restaurants on the top floor and street food stalls downstairs. We will be on the floor above these booths. The Singapore branch will serve as an exhibition space for the rest of the world, as well as gaining experience of how the concept works in Asia,” said the entrepreneurs.

They are still continuing their goal to open 1,000 restaurants within ten years.

“The goal is to become a healthy fast food chain that will compete against Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s. We want to be as famous as those in ten or 20 years. That is what we are working against and we are on a good track and,” said Gjøse.

Pink Fish’s salmon is supplied by Lerøy Seafood Group.


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