Planet Sushi sold 500 tonnes of salmon last year

French sushi delivery specialists said that 90% of their sales are from salmon.

Nigiri, maki, roll, sashimi, temaki. Planet Sushi has been around for over 20 years, and its products are now delivered to Parisian homes via Peugeot electric scooters. In an interview with observatoiredelafranchise, the company’s CEO Alexandre Maizoué said that salmon was the main driver behind its success.

“We sell 500 tonnes of salmon a year or 90% of our fish sales. It’s complicated to have a certified salmon with such a volume, but we are looking for it. And we could perhaps work better with certified fish farms,” said Maizoué who added that “solutions will be found in 2019 to start in 2020.”

The company has 50 restaurants, including 19 branches and 31 franchises, though despite turning over EUR 63 million in 2018, it lost nearly 8% of its units during the last three years. “We are thinking of selling our branches because we want to put the franchisee at the heart of our project and position them as ambassadors of the brand.” Ten openings or transformations are planned this year, then twenty a year from 2020 to double size by 2022. “The potential for development in Paris is great since there are still a dozen points of sale to open.”

In 2016, sushi was the second favourite fish dish in France (17%). 22% of French people consume it at least once a month. Most of these consumers are between 20 and 44 years of age. Location is also an important factor: 40% of Parisians consume sushi at least once a month.