Planning consent granted for £4 million salmon farm in Shetland

Editorial Staff

Scottish Sea Farms has received planning consent for its proposed £4 million-plus salmon farm project, the Billy Baa, located west of South Whiteness in Shetland.

The project aims to modernize and consolidate the company’s estate into fewer, larger farms in optimal growing locations.

The farm will feature nine 160m salmon pens and one 120m pen, creating at least six new jobs and accommodating a biomass of over 4,000 tons, according to Shetland News.

The development involves surrendering four existing consents will be surrendered – Brei Geo Inshore (1,209 tons), Brei Geo Offshore (2,635 tons), Sandsound Voe (100 tons) and Sandsound Bixter (1,000 tons).

“In their place will be one new farm, Billy Baa, sited slightly further offshore where hydrodynamic modelling found there to be even better growing conditions, but without any increase to overall environmental load,” a company spokesperson said.

Concerns about potential environmental impact and navigational safety were raised during the planning process, but Scottish Sea Farms reiterated its commitment to zero escapes and efficient resource management.

The next step is to secure a SEPA CAR license, with the farm expected to be operational by 2026.

The company has another proposed development, Fish Holm in Yell Sound, under consideration, which would consolidate four existing farms into one further offshore.

Commenting on the planning consent, Scottish Sea Farms’ head of sustainability and development Anne Anderson said: “By combining four smaller consents into one location, equipped with fewer but larger pens, we’re seeking to maximise water exchange and oxygen levels – two key factors supporting fish growth – in and around the farm.

“It will also be a more efficient approach to farming this stretch of Scalloway’s waters, enabling the team to concentrate their time, skill and resources in one location, further boosting fish health, welfare and survival.”


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