Plans for €275 million land-based salmon farm in France are resubmitted

Editorial Staff

Pure Salmon anticipates creating 250 jobs and investing approximately €275 million at the site in south west France.

Land-based salmon producer Pure Salmon has submitted revised environmental impact reports for its proposed 10,000-ton per year recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility in Verdon-sur-Mer, north of Bordeaux, France.

Initially submitted earlier this year, the Gironde prefecture had requested additional water management studies, prompting Pure Salmon to conduct new field studies over several months, according to local newspaper Sud Ouest.

Studies conducted with the help of environmental experts ArcaGée have shown that the project can get the brackish water it needs without causing problems with other underground water sources. They found that pumping this brackish water into specific sandy areas won’t harm the deeper aquifers that provide drinking water.

The company states that the water discharged by its RAS facility into the Gironde estuary will meet standards exceeding regulatory requirements, with no adverse effects on biodiversity.

Pure Salmon anticipates creating 250 jobs and investing approximately €275 million.

A public inquiry into the salmon farm project is expected to commence in early 2024. Pending successful administrative approvals, construction of the facility is slated to begin in 2025, with production commencing in 2027.


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