Plans unveiled for 13,500 tonnes-a-year land-based salmon farm

Elisabeth Nodland

Norwegian Seafarming has former chief executive of Borr Drilling Svend Anton Maier as chairman.

The plan is to build a 13,500 tonnes-a-year land-based salmon farm as well as a smolt facility with a 330 tonnes-a-year capacity.

In February, SalmonBusiness wrote that former chief executive of Borr Drilling, Svend Anton Maier, is focusing on land-based farming. He is chairman of the board of the company Norwegian Seafarming, which was established last summer.

Overview of the facility with smolt and postmolt department. Photo: Norwegian Seafarming

The facility is in Ramsvika, Rogaland, Western Norway.

According to new documents obtained by SB, the company will be presenting and planning a preliminary zoning plan for the new facility.

Land-based salmon and smolt
The plan involves the construction of tanks, silos and other things necessary for the construction of the RAS site, that’ll use flow-through technology.

The planning area is 89.6 acres. Source: Norconsult/Norwegian Seafarming

Up to 28,000 square meters
The planning area is approximately 89.6 decares. The entire area has been allocated to commercial buildings in the municipal plan. The preliminary plans show that the site is likely to have a utility floor space of between 27,000 and 28,000 square meters. In addition to land use clarification, the aquaculture facility will require a licence and emission permits.

The development will require blasting, and it’ll be desirable to be able to deposit parts of the exploded rocks in the fjord.


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