Police dispatched to investigate chemical leak following reports of a fire

Editorial Staff

“Police were dispatched after receiving a report about a leak and possible contamination.”

A leak of about 2,000 litres has been reported at the Nutrimar plant on Frøya, Norway on Wednesday morning, according to local newspaper Hitra-Frøya.

Nutrimar, owned by SalMar parent company Kverva, is a Norwegian biomarine company that produces sustainable feed ingredients from by-products of farmed salmon and kelp.

The incident, which involved the leak of a substance containing acid used for processing waste from fish, prompted an immediate response from local police who were notified of the situation at around 10:13 AM, following an initial report of a fire.

Local businesses including, the Hansbrygga cafe and the neighbouring SalMar plant, however, had seen no evidence of a fire, they told SalmonBusiness.

“The police were dispatched after receiving a report about a leak and possible contamination,” the police informed X at 11:41 AM.

It was estimated that the leak occurred around 07:00 AM.

Although the fire service did not take action, the police have initiated an investigation to determine the sequence of events leading to the leak.

The PH value in the sea has been checked, and appears to be within legal limits, according to André  Lindgjerdet, fire chief 110 Midt-Norge, who spoke to local media outlet VG .