Police investigating two salmon frauds, as well as other several attempts

editorial staff

Salmon theft case in Northern Norway has grown in scope.

It’s been just over a year since an Estonian lorry driver in his 40s was remanded in custody and charged with embezzlement as well as smuggling salmon from Norway to the Baltics. The man was stopped by police at Mowi’s factory at Herøy, Nordland, on the 13th of September, just as he was about to pick up fish.

Since then, Norwegian and Estonian police have been cooperating on the investigation. In March, police confirmed that seven people had been arrested by Estonian police, charged with organised crime and fraud in connection with the case.

Now, police have told local newspaper, Helgelands Blad, that salmon was also stolen from a company in nearby Lofoten, during the same period as the Mowi incident.

“We have investigated two that carried out fish fraud, and in addition several other attempts,” police Officer Emil Gaare of Alstahaug told the publication, adding that they connecting the cases and persons together.

In total, a group of at least nine people have been identified, who are behind the two thefts and fraud attempts. All the accused and suspects are Estonian residents. The Estonian lorry driver, who was in custody, was released in February but is still charged in the case.

There is no ongoing investigation in Norway, but Estonian police said that they are not finished with their investigations. A possible trial may go ahead in Estonia.


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