Police recover stolen salmon worth $600,000 in raid following armed robbery

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A major armed robbery took place on March 20 when a group of at least 10 armed individuals using four trucks stormed a cold store, overpowering 15 workers.

In a significant crackdown, Chilean authorities have successfully recovered stolen salmon valued at 600 million pesos ($600,000) in San Antonio, leading to the arrest of three individuals.

This raid was part of Operation Santo Salmon, conducted by the San Antonio Robbery Investigative Brigade of the Chilean Investigative Police, according to Chilean media outlet Puranoticia.

The operation followed a recent robbery at a cold storage site in the commune, where a group of armed assailants stole 76 pallets of salmon fillet intended for export.

A prompt investigation by the Chilean Investigative Police led to the first breakthrough in San Felipe when a person in possession of 54 boxes of the stolen salmon was apprehended.

Continuing the investigation, officers moved to Cerro el Carmen in San Antonio, where two more suspects, a father and son, were detained.

In these raids, firearms, ammunition, and other items connected to the robbery were seized.

Based on the information gathered from the arrested suspects, detectives were able to track down two containers in a Casablanca warehouse. These containers held pallets of salmon, estimated at 300 million pesos ($300,000), and were prepared for sale over Easter.

Following the arrests, the suspects detained in San Antonio were placed in detention. Meanwhile, the individual caught in San Felipe is awaiting further legal proceedings.

“Operation Santo Salmon” represents a significant strike against the illegal trade in high-value goods like salmon, especially during periods of high demand.

The Chilean Police of Investigations (PDI) reported a major armed robbery that took place on March 20 at a refrigerated warehouse. According to the PDI, a group of at least 10 armed individuals using four trucks stormed into the facility, overpowering approximately 15 workers. The workers were confined to an office while the assailants loaded around 76 pallets containing boxes of export-quality salmon.

This heist, which resulted in a significant loss of high-value export goods, is currently under rigorous investigation by the Chilean authorities.


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