Police recover stolen truck with 24 tonnes of salmon on board

editorial staff

Police in Brazil intercepted truck after noticing the driver wasn’t Chilean.

O municipio Blumenau reports that police have seized a truck containing 24 tonnes of salmon on board near Barra Velha, Southern Brazil.

Federal Highway Police (PRF) from the Latin American country received a tip-off that the Chilean truck passing through the country was possibly stolen.

When police approached the truck, they noticed the driver wasn’t Chilean and then he tried to escape, the publication reported. When apprehended, he confessed to being paid to take part in the robbery of the truck and its goods, as well the kidnapping of the driver.

In Chile, bandits often operating in what’s called the “Bermuda Triangle” of salmon robberies. Often in broad daylight, drivers are assaulted and trucks containing salmon are hijacked – as drug dealers and criminals see it as a risk-free as well as lucrative black market business.


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