Polish company Fancylax showcases salmon skin products

Polish company FancyLax is one of the few in the world that produces salmon leather products. The products are based on innovative technology developed by the founder of FancyLax: Agnieszka Boleslawska-Wenta.

It took Boleslawska-Wenta many years of testing to find a way to make salmon skin into a material that met her expectations.

Seaside story

“At present, technologies used to create our leather make it possible to acquire almost any color, thickness and texture. Salmon leather feels pleasant to the touch, is strong and depending on preparation can be flexible or stiff.”

The story of Boleslawska-Wenta’s company began by the seaside. As a child she lived in the Polish seaside town of Ustka.

“The sea defined me and gave me gave me inspiration. My brand started right there at the seaside. It is a combination of force of nature with a modern approach to the act of creation and paying attention to details,” says Boleslawska-Wenta.

No use of chemicals

Among other things, FancyLax, based in Warsaw, produces smartphone cases, business card cases, jewelry, cigarette cases and key rings. In the production process the salmon skins are cut and processed manually. As Poland is the biggest buyer of Norwegain farmed salmon, and there are many processing locations in the country, salmon skins are widely available in Poland.

“To protect the environment, we only use clean raw materials and all our products are made without the use of chemicals,” explains Boleslawska-Wenta. She believes in perfection and originality.

“So I always focus on details. I have learned from experience that creating a beautiful thing is not difficult, but it should be different from other products.”

Source: www.fancylax.com


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