Polish import jump secures export record

Aslak Berge

Last week saw the highest salmon export of the year from Norway.

Forget the Easter sale. So far this year, no more salmon has been harvested and sold than was the case in week 32. 28,786 tonnes of fresh salmon, converted to round weight, were shipped out of the country.

This was shown in fresh export statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Council.

The large processing companies on the continent seem to have both sharpened their knives and fired up their smoking ovens. Processing giant Poland bought in 4,445 tonnes of fresh salmon last week. There is close to a doubling of activity in midsummer.

Denmark then followed, with 2,405 tonnes of salmon.

However, Norwegian salmon sales are still well behind last year in terms of volume. As of week 32, Norway has exported 775,273 tonnes of salmon (converted to round weight), compared to 816,690 tonnes at the same time in 2021.

Here, salmon is collected from Nova Sea’s harvesting plant at Lovund. (Photo: Steve Hernes)

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