Polish processing giants increase purchases of Norwegian salmon by 52 per-cent

Aslak Berge

Eastern European country received a quantity discount.

Norway’s salmon exports have increased by 25 per-cent so far this year. And the big driver is Poland. Poles have traded 38,012 tonnes of fresh salmon during the first eleven weeks of the year. That’s a long leap from 24,969 tonnes in the same period last year.

With that, Poland strengthens its position as Norway’s most important salmon second customer

By comparison, the country has bought in exactly twice as much tonnage as the number two on the list, France.

Most of the Polish fish importers have an uncompromising cost focus, and are not exactly known for buying expensive salmon.

While the average export price (including exporter’s fee, delivered the Norwegian border .ed) is EUR 5.2 per kilo so far in 2020, the large Polish distribution factories have traded salmon at an average price of EUR 4.8, according to export statistics from Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council. That means a discount of 6.5 per-cent.

The purchases of farmed salmon to the Eastern European country are dominated by heavy processing players such as Mowi-owned Morpol, Suempol, Graal, Milarex and Limito.

Morpol’s factory in Ustka, Poland. PHOTO: Ole Alexander Saue.

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