Postive ISA test confirmation means 485,000 salmon will be removed from Cooke-owned site

editorial staff

Cooke-owned Cold Ocean Salmon hit by virus.

In a statement, the salmon farmer Cold Ocean Salmon, which is owned by Cooke Aquaculture, writes that it received positive test results confirming infectious Salmon Anaemia virus (ISAv).

The site is at Grip Cove, located near Gaultois, NL, East Canada, and contains seven cages that are stocked with approximately 485,000 Atlantic salmon.

“The company is planning to remove the fish using approved and biosecure Standard Operating Procedures. This proactive approach of removing fish following a detection has proven to be the most successful method for managing this virus. The company has taken all the responsible steps under the oversight of the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture and is following government-approved policies,” Cold Ocean Salmon wrote.

Cold Ocean Salmon has been forced to remove millions of fish due to ISA incidents this year. ISA affected two sites with 845,000 salmon in July. In the same month, the virus was discovered at another Cold Ocean Salmon farm affecting 340,000 salmon. Back in January 483,886 were removed from a site in the same area for the exact reason.

In May, it lost 20,000 trout due to an accident aboard the wellboat “Ronja Carrier”.


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