Potential UK-EU trade war alarms Scotland’s salmon farmers

Bickering between the United Kingdom and the European Union over proposed amendments to trade policies revolving around the Northern Ireland Protocol is raising concerns about a potential trade war.

Salmon Scotland, the body which represents the Scottish salmon sector, has raised fears that such trade war with the EU could have a devastating impact on Britain’s biggest fresh food export: Scottish salmon.

“Ongoing media reports suggest that UK Government ministers want to urgently amend the Northern Ireland protocol, which has sparked concerns of retaliatory action by the EU….As the political rhetoric ramps up, the wider interests of all exporters to continental Europe are not being considered. A trade war should be avoided at all costs,” said
Tavish Scott, chief executive of Salmon Scotland.

Sales of Scottish salmon reached £372million to EU countries last year, representing 61 percent of global Scottish salmon exports.

“The hard work by Scottish farmers must not be jeopardised. As demand for our world-renowned Scottish salmon continues to soar, we urge the UK Government to navigate a way through this that doesn’t harm vital trade deals.”


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