Price hike just before the Christmas weekend

Differentiated salmon prices in the last short week before Christmas. The highest price is achieved by the fish that is to be delivered on Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas.

With only three packing days next week, the supply side will be noticeably tightened. This means, as usual, increased salmon prices for the Christmas celebration. [factbox]

“A lot of fish will be packed this weekend. It is around 40 kroner (EUR 3.8). But packing on Tuesday and especially Wednesday, is more popular, so then it will be more expensive. So it might be a two or three price system. 42 kroner (EUR 4.0) on Tuesday, and Wednesday 44-45 kroner (EUR 4.2-4.5) for 3+ kg. It will be delivered on Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas, said an exporter, and adding: “This is a known phenomenon every year at Christmas.”

“All our customers have been supplied. We will not have more fish. Buying fish for next week on speculation, I think you should stay far away. It will be the same the following week. They are a bit special these two weeks,” he noted.

For the coming week, a system with differentiated prices has thus been formed, depending on the time of packaging.

“45/46/47, 6+ over 50”, wrote an exporter in a text to SB.

Divided market
“It is a divided market. I hear those prices you mention,” said an importer. “And then we’ll see if it drops a bit. But it’s a short week. Time will show,” he added.

“Salmon that are “early week packed” have low prices, but there is a little more demand for the last fish that is packed. There is talk of prices between 40 (EUR 3.8) and 43 kroner (EUR 4.1). Some want more, but it must be sold first,” said a trader.


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