Price of Chilean salmon shoots up 22 per cent

Fish now being traded at USD 5 per kilo due to huge bottleneck.

On Tuesday, SalmonBusiness reported on the effects of the Chilean protests on the country’s lucrative salmon farming and processing industry.

Industry body SalmonChile posted an update of the situation saying that there are near 800,000, possibly now a million fish waiting to be processed.

This, of course, is having an effect on prices. The day before the country’s widespread civil unrest on October 17, Chilean salmon had been on a downward trend, trading at USD 4.10 per kilo.

LaTercera reports that with dramatically reduced processing, which is at 50 per cent, prices have increased 22 per cent and currently stand at USD 5 per kilo (gutted weight/FOB price at Southern Chile’s processing plants).


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