Price of salmon has soared for Scots since Brexit

Scots are paying hundreds more pounds a year with consumers paying extra for its most prized export since the Brexit decision, say remain campaigners.

According to research from the People’s Vote, who want to campaign for a second EU referendum, the cost of the supermarket shop for Scots has increased by £417 a year since  the 2016 vote.

The campaign also said that were feeling worse off “because of the falling value of the pound, largely due to Brexit”.

The study found the sale price of 250g of butter increased by 43p since the June 2016 vote, compared with a 26p hike for coffee.

Furthermore, salmon fillets in 2016 cost £15.07 rising to £17.89 in June 2018, an increase of £2.81 per kilo.

The date is based from figures from the Office Of National Statistics.

Actor and People’s Vote supporter Emma Currie said: “These figures show Brexit is already hitting everyone’s pockets in Scotland hard, and we haven’t even left the EU yet.”

Scotland voted to remain part of the European Union.


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